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Originally Posted by Dragonsys View Post
You obviously did not read/understand what I actually posted... so let me put this another way.

This site is not a Support for vBulletin, we are volunteers who do not get paid by vBulletin. We also cannot help that you neglected to take a backup before trying to upgrade your forums, or that you do not have any recent backups (which I am assuming based n your posts). So, you want us to fix it ASAP then you need to ask nicely and possibly pay. You want vBulletin to fix it for free, you need to keep posting on and wait for them. Coming on here and being all pissy and swearing in almost every post isn't going to get you anywhere. Ultimately, this (website down/possible lost data) is your fault for not having backups. If you don't know how to take backups of your website & DB's, maybe you should pay for Webmaster services.

That said, good luck, I hope you get it fixed.
i made a back up . and If issue wasn't made from version vb , I can pay , but there is issue from version , I will not may any pence for that , I did upgrade , as I did for other versions vbulletin.
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