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Well I finally got it. I believe server resources was part of it. Also despite the broken page Google returned, while I was looking up more info the page eventually loaded and got past step 1.

Then I had completely forgot, it is better to move Impex out of the admincp and run it directly. I moved the /impex/ directory from under the forum's directory to a dedicated /impex/ directory and was able to run the import. Importing 1.5 million posts into a 2 million post board took less than an hour.

The only slow step has been rebuilding the search index, I should have asked my host to run the console file, but I hope it completes today. I have to check and restart it every so often.

But the latest version of Zachery's Impex from github worked without issue on PHP 5.4.x going from 3.8.9 into 3.8.9. (I had to choose 3.7 as the import from system since 3.8 isn't an option.)

Also, all users need to have an email address or they won't import for some reason, despite the fact VB 3.x doesn't require email addresses. Once I gave them all dummy email accounts they imported fine.

I deleted the emails with a query after the import.

Thanks all.
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