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Is there a way to add "associate" emails with my account, as I used to be able to?

I run a forum that's got a team of administrators, and several years ago, I remember there being some kind of feature/functionality here on where I could set up their emails to be associated with my account/license. Doing so would allow them to view code and download mods here on as if they had a valid license.

Now I seemingly can't find that option anywhere. Without this functionality, they all have to rely on me and ask me to look into whatever sort of code/downloads they need, and it can get pretty time-consuming.

Is this still possible, or am I the only one who will ever be able to view them on my account, with no way to add "associates" for lack of a better term? If it is possible, can you please explain what I need to do in order to enable this?

Thanks for any replies in advance.
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