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Originally Posted by ijob View Post

Some of my users have their avatar missing on forum home.....including my own avatar, which is missing too. Everyone elses are fine

and those that are missing, link to someone elses profile....

*edit* will disable this for now. Keep up the good work!
Can you share some more so I can look into it. Are you using the avatar for your own URL or is it the profile picture?

Originally Posted by nCODE View Post
Hey shabbirbhimani, can you do one for vB 3.7 or 3.8?
Yes I am in process of doing the same.

Originally Posted by reddyink View Post
Good work! Would like to know how is this different from this MOD
Many have already said things about it but I would say it is more of an extension to that plugin but I did not find that plugin when searching for getting things done so had to actually re-invent the wheel.

Originally Posted by Erica1977 View Post
Got Any idea on how to fix those glitches i posted it.
I am working on it and so expect a solution soon.
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