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A few questions have been risen with about the purpose of Here's the reasons it is open to the public and a few notes on its purpose:
  1. All official releases will be posted here, at
  2. Official support will be here, at Of course, if you post in any of the forums over there, we will gladly help.
  3. Bug reports (posted here or there) will be placed into the bug tracker (PT powered) located at
  4. Code submissions will be placed in the bug tracker at for review and submission by a developer.
  5. More "wiki" like instruction manuals will be hosted on
  6. More organized (with PT) bug, feature, and task tracking is available at, rather than here (as it is all thread based here)

The purpose was not to drive traffic away from, but to open our internal procedures to everyone else, in the spirit of open source. Once's servers allow uploads of larger files again, I will be getting the official download up again in the release thread.
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