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Originally Posted by tldagent View Post
Yeah, and I pmed and haven't heard anything. If anyone else can offer any suggestions here, it would help out in the future when others run across the same issue.

I can access the admin in flashchat directly but it says something about integrated with cms. Currently the chat on my forum is off and excited to get it going. We're going to have scheduled chats. Forum URL: Recently re-done.
Sorry about that, been busy signing up to university, so have not had time to look at this. But looking at what you PM'ed me, I can see that you did not provide an admin user account and ftp access details, which is what I would have need to login and help you.

A url to the forum is not going to help me help you, as when you install this you have to be an admin, and to be honest I am not going to go through the registration process and still not be able to help you out as I need admin permissions.

But before that, I have one question, have you installed Paul M's Flashchat: Integration for vB 3.7? As the the link you posted when hovering your mouse point would indicate that you do not (or have and it is not installed properly):

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

It is looking for an option that would have been added when you installed Paul M's hack, there is a list of hacks that need to be installed listed in the first post of this thread that have to be installed before this will work.

If all hacks needed are installed and working, and this hack still does not work and you want me to log in and sort it out for you then I require you PM me what I original asked for, which is, an admin user account (with appropriate permissions) and ftp access details, you can revoke these after I have helped you out.
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