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Originally Posted by Gryphon View Post
Hopefully it eventually went through? This is common when the Armory is unreachable.
Unfortunately no.

I installed the mod yesterday and still I just have the spinning circles on everyone's names saying Awaiting Armory data import... The actual signup works fine, just no info being imported.

Odd thing is that your gWoWRoster plugin and Sweede's WoW BBCode plugin both are pulling data from the armory and I can view the profiles of any of our characters if I go to the Armory directly. I installed all 3 around the same time.

Not sure what else might be wrong?


I think I may have figured it out,

I changed from Argent+Dawn in my profile field and in the gwowevent options to Argent Dawn.

It pulled all three characters I had entered on different dates. Previously I used Elric's calendar mod and all my guildmates have entered using Argent+Dawn.

could this be why? if so I will have to have folks change their profiles to get it going I guess. I also noticed I forgot to set the Calendar from 0 to 1 (the id of my calendar I am using). I changed it, changed my settings and my own profile back to Argent+Dawn and re-ran the job and got no data for anyone, including my characters (after re-signing up my own)

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