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Originally Posted by Tolas View Post
heh, I guess I answered my own question. I left it overnight and no armory data. So I will change the setting and have folks remove the + from the server name and hopefully should be working better.

One other question, is there a way the data can be cached? I noticed if I switch from Yes to Tentative or No it starts to re-import.
Thanks, I was at a loss for why you were not getting updates. I urlencode the profile fields before fetching the armory data, so yes plain text is all that is needed.

I had some reasons for why it does what it does but no longer remember exactly why. Recently ran into this issue myself and will be re-evaluating the way the data is stored per previous suggestions.

Originally Posted by Ninok View Post
I'm also getting the Cron job errors while trying to pull the data from the Armory. I have increased the Timeout value etc, I get the error no matter what I do.
I am afraid that I do not have a solution for this, maybe someone else may have some input.

Originally Posted by quedex View Post

First of all thanks for a great mod!
Now to the question, is it possible to make the mod pull Spell dmg, armor, defence info
also/instead of pure stats per class basis?
Thank you. Yes it is possible, I will add this suggestion to my list.

Originally Posted by Gooner View Post
are you going to fix this mod??
What is broken? Some features are requested, but the primary goal of the mod as it is released works.

Originally Posted by Eviserator View Post
I am getting this as an error when I force the cron to fire:

gWoWEvents Armory Import
Please put code tags around such large data pastes in the future. I am not positive, but it appears that the Armory is telling you that there is no such character as Spinochio, Scoopjackson, or Ely. Ensure that the users profile fields are entered properly. I will see if I can recreate this error.
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