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Originally Posted by alcazarx View Post
@izenberg: What you want can be done using new images/awards as you shown, no need to change the plugin.
What you probably meant (and me've seen in an award plugin for a diffrent forum script) is to have a number next to the image, depicting how many of that award the user has, which should be possible.

(2)___ (3)

(Without the "__" of course )
I personally don't consider that a good solution.

awards.php -> Wouldn't look very good, if the same award is posted multiple times (e.g: 10 times) as different images with different stacks.
Also the admin/mod would probably have to remove the x1 image award from the user and then award with the x2 image award instead and so on- which can be time consuming & not very efficient.

Anybody who has suggested what alcazarx has suggested, probably does not find the obvious method you stated as a solution.

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