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Originally Posted by Keyser Soze View Post
Another idea: Offer a third option to not load the script automatically but offering a flexible button that turns the mining on and off on click and shows the current status (on/off). If admins would be able to place that button anywhere in a template of their choice (for example in the header), I would seriously think about buying your script. But I certainly don't want all users to see the mining notification by default (and I also dont want to run this script in stealth mode). It should also be possible to use this addon as an opt-in-solution, not only as an opt-out-solution.
This is also something similar to JSE coin. I can definitely implement this, but I minds well implement JSE coin as well. This way everyone can experiment with what produces the most coin at the highest rate per coin.

Originally Posted by final kaoss View Post
Ok explain to me how it makes sense to not show the notification and still show a slider for cpu percentage? If the slider is going to be there, the notification might as well still be there so they know what the slider is for.

"So why not add a dropdownbox (or slide control) in the alert message where the user can choose himself how many percent of his CPU he wants to offer?
I could set it up so if you disable the notification then it uses the default setting, this way you still have stealth mode, but if the notification is enabled then it will show a slider to adjust along with the notification.

Originally Posted by scottkoz20 View Post
Ok - because I'm not overly familiar with bitcoin/crypto-currencies, etc, how does this mod benefit the site AND will take away from the overall user experience?

Not trying to be obtuse, i'm just not seeing how mining my members data is smart and/or beneficial
You earn XMR by using your visitors/members computer cpu power to mine xmr. If you don't set the cpu usage too high, then it will not impact your users browsing experience (unless they are on Windows 95 lol)

Mobile users I have noticed older phones or cheap phones do not handle the mining very well, if at all. (My girlfriend's J7 literally froze when loading my website on 20% CPU, she had to do a battery pull)

I wish there was an all in one way to detect the processor of mobile phones to see if they would be compatible for mining. I thought about checking for Android version using user agent, but the J7 had the latest version of Android and she gets Facebook updates before my S8 does.

In all honesty mobile is not the best means to mine, I have more mobile users to my website than I do desktop and I have 7 million desktop hashes vs 22 thousand mobile hashes. Desktop is more efficient and less of an impact on users unless they live in the stone ages. Of course it all will depend on how high you set the CPU power. I recommend testing the waters. Enable both and see which you get more hashing power from, then disable the other. If users complain turn the cpu usage down, and if that doesn't work disable for the platform with the complaints. This is to say if you have an active forum. Let them know this could be a replacement for advertisements, and that you want to experiment. Just keep in mind even though this prevents adblockers from blocking the miner, they can still disable JavaScript and not get mined.
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