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Originally Posted by Keyser Soze View Post
Ok I'm out and unsubscribed from this thread... If you think that doing this to your forum users without their consent, then good look with watching your community implode as soon as the first thread arises in your forum from users complaining about secretly stealing their CPU load and energy consumption.
Please don't take this the wrong way, I just want to clear the air to you as well as anyone else who may come across your message.

From your reply you state that I do not notify my users as to them being mined. I don't know how you got that from my reply, as I never stated this, but I apologize for the misunderstanding, maybe I worded something wrong or maybe I didn't add enough details, but what I was stating was that leaving the applications disablement up to the users should not be up to them in my opinion, because the purpose of this modification was to prevent lost revenue from them using adblockers. It was their choice to disable ads on your website through an adblocker, what makes you think they won't make the same choice with the miner? You mentioned consent of your users as well. I'd just like to point out what ads do everyday... They are there without the users consent and eat away at users data without their consent. I'll add a UserCP option in the next update, but how others who download this modification use it is out of my control. I'm making this modification for everyone and I'm trying to figure out what others would want to use and making it an option to disable or enable those options so that everyone is happy. I may use the modification how you like with notifying my users, but you shouldn't judge others on how they use the modification, everyone is different.

Also just so you know, I notify my users with a sweet alert one time using cookies. I also have information about it in my terms of service. This was something if others are interested in seeing would be added into the plugin instead of a recurring popup that keeps reminding users of their resources being used. Tell them once so they aren't upset later or being constantly bothered by a reminder of what they agreed to.

Also you got me thinking about something else. Maybe this could be used to (I hate to use this word) punish those using adblock. I could merge my adblock detector in with this mod so that if someone is detected using adblock then they would be alerted to being mined. Then users who support your website through ads would not be mined. It might even convince adblock users to whitelist you.

Maybe others would want to chime in on this if they think it's a good idea?

Originally Posted by final kaoss View Post
I believe that if you give users an incentive to use it, such as earning vbshop credits for using it would entice them to use it.

I know that if there is a leaderboard introduced (which I think vbactivity offers), that some users will get caught up in it... always trying to maintain that top rank.

Otherwise, you would probably have regulars enable it & those who complain about it can be told "well just don't turn it on, if you don't like it /thread".

Trying to around the community's back & not even telling them about it though. No. That's not the way you want to go about handling a modification such as this.
I was talking about leaving it up to the users to enable or disable the mining, as the purpose of the modification is to recoup from lost ad revenue with adblockers. I'm not sure how everyone is getting that I said "Don't tell your users" from what I have said. I apologize if the way I said it led everyone to that conclusion.

Also in regards to your suggestion, CoinImp does not have an api or a way to track the usage of one specific user, so there would be no way to reward users for their usage. The script itself provides hash count, but it can be easily manipulated by the user. I could implement a reward/leaderboard system, but counts could be easily modified by the user.

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