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Originally Posted by Ted S View Post
Do you have any hacks installed? Multiple templates? Custom code you wrote?
Yes, vbulletin blog, vbseo, ibproarcade, flashchat and vbadvanced. Installed but not inuse: mass pm, mgc chatbox, payment system lite.

Originally Posted by Ted S View Post
When you say 600 memebrs, is that including guests or not? What's your total activity and guests to member ratio?
Yes, that includes guests. Out of 600 users, I would say 475 - 525 are registered members.

Originally Posted by Ted S View Post
Have you run any sort of slow-query report to see what (if anything) is getting caught up?
No, not yet...where can I do this? Is this within vbulletin?

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Originally Posted by Angel-Wings View Post

did you try using that tool already ?
No, I will try it tonight and report back tomorrow.

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