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Angry 2019 and still no Social Media auto embeds.

What a disgrace.

I have asked repeatedly for help in these forums. (for months) Put in hours upon hours of work myself trying to figure it out. (the one Dev who knows AME 3 inside and out has his nose stuck so high up in the air it's amazing he doesn't trip over his own feet)

Even offered to pay and hired outside help. (hired 4 diff people, zero could figure it out)

No devs can be bothered.

The now defunct AME 3 mod no longer works and nobody will support it.

But what is a true AFFRONT to those of us who shelled out hundreds of dollars to buy this prehistoric software is that auto embed is not a core part of VB 4 & 5.

Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram ...a NO BRAINER.

Soundcloud, Stitcher, LastFM ...some more obvious choices.

ATROCIOUS lack of support, and complete disdain for your customers.

It's as if you hate your own product and are trying to FORCE US to move to Xenforo.

#SickOfIt #ByeFelicia
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