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Originally Posted by In Omnibus View Post
AME is owned by one developer who did not mark it as reusable code so it would be illegal for anyone to rewrite it and offer it publicly.

Automatically connecting with social media would violate more laws than I care to list here. You cannot exchange data with third parties without express written consent for every data exchange and without express written consent to every term and policy of everyone involved in said exchange.

Moving to another forum software isn't going to change those facts.
I'm not sure where you get that idea. There are APIs written for each site I listed just for that purpose. Wordpress does it. Xenforo does it. IN fact AME 3 still does it for Youtube. The dev for AME 3 posted that the mod was available for all to pick up and run with, he just forgot to hit hit the reusable button. But as it states in the AME 3 thread, along with the link to The Geek's post ...he gave permission, which is how Digital Jedi was able to make a mod with it.
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