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Originally Posted by lacidious View Post
I'm not sure where you get that idea. There are APIs written for each site I listed just for that purpose. Wordpress does it. Xenforo does it. IN fact AME 3 still does it for Youtube. The dev for AME 3 posted that the mod was available for all to pick up and run with, he just forgot to hit hit the reusable button. But as it states in the AME 3 thread, along with the link to The Geek's post ...he gave permission, which is how Digital Jedi was able to make a mod with it.
I get a good portion of it from the Google v. Oracle decision which has recently been appealed to the Supreme Court Of The United States. SCOTUS has yet to grant a writ of certiorari and may elect to reject the appeal. In short the ruling says that APIs are copyright protected and cannot be reproduced for public use under fair use exception to copyright. That makes it impossible for third party software such as vBulletin to legally code APIs for any software other than their own. It's a nightmare ruling for software development.

If what you say about AME is true, and I have no reason to doubt that it is as all I did was take a cursory glance at the mod then maybe Mark Daniel Martinez (DigitalJedi) has new definitions posted somewhere. I've never looked.
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