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Originally Posted by aae55555 View Post
Enter the appropriate "THIS_SCRIPT" value in the navigation manager for that specific tab. In the "Scripts" text field.

If there is no THIS_SCRIPT value on that page, you must add it to the page first using the following syntax as an example:

Then add "arcade" to the THIS_SCRIPT section ( In the "Scripts" text field.) in Nav Manager. Hope that helps, or at least helps you to do further research.

Great - all set there! Thank you.

Next question:

I'm wanting to have a separate tab, that's essentially a "placeholder" for links.

So, I'd have a tab called "Special Access", then I would have two links for "Jukebox", and "Library".

What I can't figure out is the url. It doesn't have a specific page, and if it requires one, I don't know what I would need to make to create one.
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