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Originally Posted by In Omnibus View Post
I guess it depends on the type of forum.

People who break my rules did so intentionally. There's no gray area.

I have a one strike policy.

I also have a very small number of rules, mostly regarding illegal content.

I don't care if people use words other people find offensive because there's a block function.

Most of the forum rules I see are probably why people are abandoning forums.

People do not like to be micromanaged, especially when they are trying to entertain themselves.


I think so too.

On one forum that had a thread area titled "to post material irrelevant to the various forums"

But yet they disallowed discussion of video games, i feel if forums started being more lenient on some rules like allowing discussing of stuff they forbid before. More would be going to those forums. That forum that forbid video game talk is now a ghost town.
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