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Originally Posted by Sador View Post
About the showing in quotes stuff... it shows the smiley when you quote your own post with your own custom smiley, but it doesn't show when someone else quotes it, because they don't have the smiley so the text doesn't get parsed.

It would be nice if that could be fixed. Also, right now custom smileys are shown in the html box with all the other smileys. This looks kinda bad, so I disabled that, but it doesn't show in 'more smileys' either. Is there some way that could be fixed as well?

Otherwise, great mod, thanks a lot.
As stated earlier in this thread about "More Smilies", that will be in the next release.

Originally Posted by nascartr View Post
Ok, just making sure!
Originally Posted by Oblivion Knight View Post
Makes no difference, mine is default..
Originally Posted by nascartr View Post
Same here. I am using a custom quote box though?
Originally Posted by trotskid View Post
Yes, you right Oblivion Knight.
As for the Quote issue - I'm looking into it, I'm not sure if it's going to be that easy of a fix.
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