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Search results thread list - thread title wrap oddness.

This is on the default style, so I'm ruling out one of the myriad edits I made to my main style.

See here. The title of the third post down in the list is "Since "incoming" NGD's seem to be a thing lately..."

On my forum list, when I shrink the browser the table row expands (gets taller) so that the text wraps. However in my new posts search result, the row doesn't grow. The text at the end of the thread title gets bumped below the title. See here:

If you look at that same thread again, all you can see is ""Since "incoming" NGD's seem to be a", because the last two words get shoved under the thread title but the cell itself doesn't grow at all.

Any idea what might cause this? I've checked a couple of other default vb4 sites and they don't seem to have the same issue, so it's something I did. I just have no idea what, heh. It doesn't happen in my forum list, only in the New Posts search result listing.
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