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Ok rant coming!

I'm in the process of trying to migrate from phpbb 3.1.10 to VBulletin and running into problems.

Given that I am getting no help from anyone on either or over here on I thought I would share this little bit of info for anyone searching the threads hoping to get some help.

First you have to understand that impex is ancient. It's not supported by anyone other than one guy who as far as I can tell hasn't done anything with it for the last 12 months and even then most of the import scripts are so out of date you would need to be running a really old board for the import to go without problems.

Also no one seems to mention that you must use VB v4.22 and no higher to import into because impex was not written to support any higher version. You can of course then update to VB5 if your import goes ok.

Specifically for those looking to import from phpbb 3.1 you WILL have problems. Most notably all your user post counts will be set to zero and the 'latest reply' for every forum will just show a date sometime around 1970. You "cannot" fix this within VB. The problem lays in impex because it only supports importing from phpbb 3.0.3 but the move to 3.1 changed the way post counts and last post times are handled. They now sit in their own table but impex doesn't know about it so doesn't import it.

Your attachments will not come across even though it may look as though they have.

Your members, moderators and admins will all be set to the same level of 'junior member'

...and you will get no help whatsoever from Vbulletin support who will simply tell you to come here at which point you will be pointed toward Zachary who is the guy now giving his time to maintaining impex over at Github, only he seems to have gone quiet over the last 12 months so good luck with getting assistance there...he's not paid by the way so that is not a dig at him, he does what he can when he can but of course that doesn't help if your stuck with a completely useless forum and can't move forward.

I think the best thing you can do if your currently running phpbb 3.1 or above is to forget VBulletin and find something else or stick with what you have. At least you will get decent support from the phpbb community which considering phpbb is completely free and so is the support that's quite something. Paid isn't always better
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