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Need your help please with an idea about old and big database

Hi bro

I need your help with the subject of how to improve legacy/large forums systems and cleanse the forum

Most of us have a veteran forum with a lot of posts indexed in Google.
I think it's not right for us to delete them. (the old posts)
But the database is passing the size of 15 gigabytes, maybe there is a way to split it into two databases... or to do something else

Just an idea I do not know if I can apply it
1. Old data base (kind of archive) with all the messages of over a year without comments.
2. Active data base for all the new posts (Max from the last year).

Does anyone have an idea how to handle it?
If the idea to divide it into two databases true at all?
Is it possible to do with vBulletin?
You know a good way to do this?

I would love to have your help and your opinion

Thanks :)

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