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Mysterious, don't be so anxious to get responses... you will eventually get some.

Allow me to give you some pointers:

-I don't know, but the name doesn't sound right. Of Age is really weird.

-The left column is a nice addition and makes surfing to deeper parts of your site quick and easy.

-All the 'darkness' or you site isn't really inviting to me, but may really attract users in your niche. Overall, bright sites perform better.

-You have a LOT of forums. Try to merge some. It's better to have 5 forums with 100 topics in them than 25 forums with 10 posts in them.

-Keep your site active, everyday. The most recent posts show 1 post from today, other's from 31-10 which is 3 days ago. People don't like dead forums.

-Really like your forum status icons.

Hope that helps. If you want some clarification or anything, let me know!

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