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Cross platform mods

I tried dropping this in the hatchery, however got absolutly no response from developers (how many people even have access there I don't know) so I thought I'd try this out in a more general sense.

How interested would forum owners be in modifications (I'm thinking major addons mostly eg ibpro arcade or some form of member mapping mod) which can run cross platform? By this I'm not refering to windows/linux I'm more thinking along the lines of a mod which would work on most if not all of the major forum platforms allowing you to switch to a different platform knowing that the mods you use are also avaliable for the platform.

Coming from a mod developers point of view, I want to be able to start supporting multiple platforms as it will give better business stability and a larger customer base. Also having looked at vBulletin 5 I also think that cross platform compatibility will make it much easier to support vb4 and vb5 with the same modification.

If you want/need to contact me, best thing is to pm me on that site, username Carnage.
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