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The idea for this hit me having studied vbulletin 5's addon system; it is radically different to vbulletin 4/3's system as such I felt it was impractical to try and offer a mod that works across both platforms. The only way to do so was to abstract out the core functionallity of the mod into a separate unit and then create a bridge to the functionallity for each platform trying to reuse as much code as possible. As I started work on this, I realised that it would also be possible to include a bridge for other forum platforms as well.

I was kinda hoping some other developers would be interested in this project as its quite a big undertaking, for example, some method for abstracting database calls to work over multiple platforms would be required. One method would obviously be to write database specific code for each platform (not that good...) another would be to steal the open database connection and reuse it in a libaray such as Zend_Db or Doctrine.

If you want/need to contact me, best thing is to pm me on that site, username Carnage.
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