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Originally Posted by TJF View Post
I already have individual forums with their own headers and images.
... own logo, own content, random content etc. Nice! I have it too on my vB3.8.11.

Some members say I have too many sub-forums, so I was wondering if it was possible to search only specific categories or display all the posts under one category while keeping them separate. It would be more of a convenience thing than anything.
Certainly it's possible! In at least two different ways:

1) using the conditional on each forum and/or usergroup and this on a forum by forum basis.

2) using this product or the equivalent for the most recent topics/messages on a forum by forum basis (in changing the variables)


You can see it in action for a photo forum at (sorry, it's in my first language). The latest topics/messages are in the table at the right side.
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