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That's just it though, I can't just assume it's OK

It;s clear a lot of the game sites don't check otherwise there would be no need for the comment about removing games if their inclusion is against the owners wishes

As I see things at the moment the current method seems to be to simply add games hoping the owners don't find out or complain and if they do they'll then be removed. The only problem is that by then they may have already been distributed to thousands of sites.

It all seems very dodgey to me and i've asked this question on a few boards and yet to be told any single specific game is legal to use and they have the owners permission,

I can't take any risjs as I say for the site I'm working on as it's a companies intranet (a sort of gaming chillout zone) and whilst it won't be accessible to the general public there is absolutely no way I could risk bringing the company any adverse publicity by using illegal games.

Maybe if the arcade isn't the truly legitimate way are there any other ideas for an online gaming/chillout type area?