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Originally Posted by Newfarm View Post
Awesome style you've made here.

Haven't really decided if it's something that'll fit my forum or not yet and it'll require a certain bit of customization and that brings me to my question.

I would need to change some of the button names (and functions for that matter) which is no real problem. However, there's the fancy looking "reflection" layer (button copy 5). Is there any way you could share some photoshop secrets in how to reproduce that one as it looks to be made either outside this psd or "simply" transformed to get it's look..

Either way, a very, very nice skin you've made .
Thank you Newfarm for your reply and really glad that you like Abeer Style
As for the buttons bar reflection, it's not a big secret and it's very easy to do, here is how you do it:
1- After changing the buttons text in the PSD file, copy the buttons bar with the buttons and the text layers and paste them under the original buttons bar.
2- Flatten all the pasted layers together so they will be one layer.
3- Then skew that layer so that the bottom part of the flattened button bar looks a bit larger than it's top line.
4- Then lower the opacity of this layer to 14%
and that's it

Originally Posted by slmoney View Post
they are in the HEADER template
Thanks for helping while I wasn't here slmoney
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