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Originally Posted by Newfarm View Post
Thank you so much egtrix .
You are always welcome

Originally Posted by steve1966 View Post
Very nice thank you
Thank you as well and glad that you like it

Originally Posted by macc View Post

need some your help... can you explain how and where to change those dark borders colors to some more bright ...(do not mean dark blue color - only those dark grey or some like that - to make more bright)

will attach picture

your style is very nice and one of the best ....


Thank macc
To change the borders:

1- Go to your admincp ---> Styles & Templates --> Style Manager --> Abeer Style (all style options).

2- Scroll down to "Table Border" box

3- Change the "Background" color to what suits you.

To change the background color for the shoutbox, first before I explain how it can be done, let me tell you that it will affect all the cells in the forum that has the class of alt2.

Here is how you can change it:

1- Go to your admincp ---> Styles & Templates --> Style Manager --> Abeer Style (all style options).

2- Scroll down to "Additional CSS Definitions" the second box

3- Search for:

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Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

4- Change the background image that is denoted in red in the above step to whatever image you want or you can even remove it if you wish to use colors instead of images then save and that's it.

Originally Posted by steve1966 View Post
Hi egtrix i have a question for you i have the arcade installed on my forum how can i add the buton to it in the navbar next to the calender someone was going to make me a button for it but they are confused how i am going to add it

an easy way how can i add a new link to the navbar next to search?
the code i have is

<td class="vbmenu_control"><a href="arcade.php?$session[sessionurl_q]">Arcade</a></td>
Thank you steve1966 for your post. As for now you can't add the arcades link next to search because the top navbar is based on one cell for each link and they are not all placed in one cell (this will be fixed with the next update) but you can replace it with any of the present links and you can do so by editing the navbar template or just let me know which link you want to replace and I will give you the code.
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