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Originally Posted by Erwin
Where are you hosting? That's an awesome config.
I have been doing almost as much research on colo's as I did on servers. So many choices and so many variables.

I think I have decided on . They are more expensive than some but their bandwidth is top notch and I have yet to find any report of an outage in their facility going back years. They are also very central in the USA and ping times are great. Another long time vBulletin forum owner that could be considered a "big board" is also going there after much research.

I was also looking at (colo) because of their great rates on cPanel and a good network, however I would rather pay a bit more for colo'ing at a center that comes with rave reviews (and is closer to me - driving up this week to check out the DC) than worry about anything.

Colo fee's for 1 server @ 1000 gigs of bandwidth per month is $169.00 for a 1u/2u server or mini-tower. A couple of us are touching on possibly going in on either 1/2 or full rack space and unentered premium bandwidth. If you are running multiple servers, that can bring the price down considerably.
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