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Originally Posted by ForceHSS View Post
Why not just change group permissions
I guess I didn't think of it and no one recommended it. Do you mean set the usergroup permission for Unregistered/Not logged in for the blog section to 'no' at "Can use Email to Friend"? It seems like it should work... but then they were somehow able to bypass the human verification system. So I'm not sure what they are doing or injecting, or where. Definitely something to try, though.

Actually I did try that and it did nothing. When I wrote my reply above I was somehow thinking there was a permission control item for the vB blog under Usergroups > Forum Permissions... but there's not. What I had already tried was setting Usergroups > Usergroup Manager > Unregistered/Not Logged In (and each of the other usergroups) > "Can Use Email to Friend" to 'no" but it had absolutely no effect on the spammer's ability to access the system and send his messages. In fact, that permissions change is one of the first things I tried. I'm sorry about my confusion there for a minute about the Forum Permissions list. So the only thing that has worked is what I have detailed above.

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