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Originally Posted by In Omnibus View Post
It was Paul Marsden who developed a PHP7 compatible version of vBulletin 4
Oh I remembered wrongly, Paul is exact, I also asked him sometimes in the past and get supported as well from him.

Originally Posted by In Omnibus View Post
vBulletin 4 is a technological dinosaur. It still works but for how much longer? SQL 8.0 and PHP 8 are about to become the industry standards.
I really don't care if it will use the latest version of PHP or Mysql or not, I only focus on if it is supported or not.

Originally Posted by slash77xx View Post
Good morning ,
the truth that I am observing, and I do not see why if they are easy to adapt to vb5 and being a vb4 a dinosaur,
Nice thought. I also don't know why vB didn't support it any more while more people are still wanting to use it.
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