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Originally Posted by Alan_SP View Post
I really think you don't understand very basic things about server management.

You can on your VPS (or full server) install older (even "dead") versions of software. You can use panels like Plesk to do that for you automatically:

So, if you have your server (VPS or higher) you can run whatever PHP version, if you want to do so. And, you can be complete novice in that, as it is made very easy, if you use CP like Plesk, as it is just changing setting in your webinterface.

So, your story about doom and gloom is just story you tell yourself and it is not true.
The typical forums administrator is not using self-managed VPS. For one thing it is considerably more expensive. For another it requires a level of technical knowledge many do not possess or care to possess. You would be the exception, not the rule.

I'd respectfully request you not make assumptions as to what I do or do not know about server management or anything else.