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How to filter some forum against all usergroup?

Dear, good coder.

I have several groups. Some forums are temporarily not OPEN. Nevertheless, unlike this way, regardless of the permissions and entirely exposed to a particular forum, the search engine would like to restrict.

How to be filtered, all from the group forum can you do?

I'm reviewing this in the following ways:

1. I want to retrieve the ID from DB Forum. For example, SELECT * from tables WHERE forumid = '';
In this case, write the appropriate CODE What should I do? How do I fix any scripts?
2. Without modifying the DB, if I create a product, I'd appreciate it if an expert on the following logic.


1) The administrator of this forum in the panel may be provided in GRANT Allow or Disallow.
2) even if some user groups to access disallowed forum and can not be fully searchable.

This article were using Google's automatic translation feature, hope will reflect properly.
Thank you.
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