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Originally Posted by PRO5OHHO View Post
I'm running vB 4.1.11 and am having an installation issue.

Your installation tidbit up top tells us to import the vb_pro_garage_language_english.xml into Languages & Phrases, but of course in the 4.1.11 adminCP languages and phrases are seperate managers.

If I try and import it into the 'Import Language XML file' and click yes, that it should ignore the language version then it just tells me it's for a different version and the only choice it gives me is to go back.

If I click No, as in 'do not ignore language version' it gives me this:

'The file you attempted to import only contains phrases and none of the settings required. You will be unable to make a new language with this file.'

And makes me click the back button again. How can I get past this step?
It should still work the same as with all the other versions. I have 4.1.11 on my dev site and it looks the same as all the other 4.x language settings.
Check these instructions and see if maybe you have something set off.

Look at the Install Garage/Installation Script section
VB Pro Garage with Timeslips
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