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Originally Posted by brishi View Post
I am talking about the xml files located here under the "Installation Script". I showed your program to the website owner and he is really interested in it and is willing to purchase it, but he wants to see it working first on his site, which is what I am trying to do on vB 4.1.11 so do we need to wait for an updated version or will this one work some how?
Currently the Vb forum software is on the root, which is where I want to install Garage so please let me know the proper way to set this up if you can. I have the main folders from inside of the "upload" folder on the root, and then I have the garage_cache and all of the other files inside of my Forums folder (and not using the .htaccess file) , and the garage_directory.php is changed to point to /public_html/ Now is this correct or not??

You are kind of confusing me heh. The xml files on that page don't get uploaded. They get installed through the ACP from your local machine.
You said you have the forum installed on the root but you also have a forums directory? Do you mean the CMS is in the root and your forums are in /forums/?
If it's all installed in the root then you shouldn't have a forums folder.

Here is an example.
You have which is where both the cms and forums are. So you would have,, etc. So just dump all the files into and don't worry about changing the garage_directory.php file.

If you have your CMS at and your forums at then you'll have,, etc. Upload the files like in the instructions, with the folders in the first image going into the directory and the rest in The garage_directory.php file would need to be changed to the root of your forums directory, something like /user/myaccount/public_html/forums/
If you're not sure the correct path, look in the ACP
ACP->Maintenance->View PHP Info
scroll down to DOCUMENT_ROOT

Hope this helps.
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