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thanks All.
Originally Posted by hornstar1337 View Post
Thanks this is great!

I noticed a few spelling mistakes:

You can chose you preferd default text formatting from here.

should say:

You can chose your preferred default text formatting from here.

Thanks again tho.
will be fixed
Originally Posted by Daniel_HBK View Post
please try to add a big thread "color words and copy it and paste about 30 time to make a big thread" is it will be displayed ?

قمت بوضع من دقائق موضوع بموقعي كبير به الوان و كده بس هو كبير الى حد ما و لم يظهر منه شىء!

لذلك ياريت تجرب تجتب مثلاً جملة من 5 كلمات و كل كلمة تلونها بلون معين و نعمل نسخ و لصق للجملة حوالي 30 او 50 مرة و تجرب تعمل معاينة او ارسال الموضوع و هل هيظهر ام لا ؟
can you explain it more than this ? cuze i tried it and no thing despaired every thing working very fine
For who use's my products. (All of it), I always support latest version of vBulletin only. So, if you use my products you'll find a working version of it for your current version. but I CANT SUPPORT IT unless you are using the latest version of vBulletin.
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