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Originally Posted by Al Gregory View Post
I screwed up something the box is empty
Are all the required hacks installed and working 100% before you installed this?

Originally Posted by Instructions (from 1st post)
What hacks need installing before installing this hack?
These hacks need to be installed in this order and working correctly, for this hack to work.
  1. FlashChat v 4.7.x
  2. Paul M's Flashchat: Integration for vB 3.7 v 3.7.004
  3. Paul M's Flashchat: Who is chatting v 3.7.002
  4. Mosh's Flashchat: Who is chatting (Add On) v 3.7.001a
  5. Then install this hack
BTW, if you are using this, please click Mark as Installed.
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