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Originally Posted by greigeh View Post
Only issue I know of is that when you use quick edit, it doesn't automatically run the script. It takes a refresh for the embed to actually show but i'm not sure if there's a way around that?
I very recently created BBcode for facebook videos and posts and noticed problem when AJAX is used to post new content, as described here.

I didn't at the moment test this mod, but I'm thinking that this has something to do with this. I'm on vB4, so not sure how it works with vB3.8, is there AJAX with quick edit, but I think it is.

Anyway, if it is really AJAX problem, I think that it needs to be done on system level (i.e. vB core files), if it can be done at all.

But, everything works, facebook content is placed just fine, you only don't see it when AJAX place it there. I know some other things that doesn't work with AJAX (some DBTech's mods).

In my opinion it is not that big of a problem for me, as content is there, all other users will see it as soon as it is served without AJAX.
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