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Originally Posted by Paul M
I find it curious that you seem to suffer with only 1200 or so users online - we have a dedicated server that only has 2GB RAM and a single HT Xeon. We had a burst during the week that saw over 1000 users/guests online and it barely flickered.
wow. Do you display logged in users on FORUMHOME and use full DB read marking with those kind of users without issues? Are the people posting or just browsing? This forum averages around 2,000-3,500 post per day.

Maybe it's because we are running CPanel? I have been told that we would be better off without CPanel and running lighter apache/SQL applications only and cutting out Cpanel and all the added crap that comes with it. It's just that I don't know enough about the server backend stuff to be without it.

The one forum is the only thing on the server and we recently had to up the RAM to 4GB from 2GB because with the two, things were ugly at around 1000 users. I was told by vB support that when you start hitting 1000 users you really need a two server setup so doing OK with 1400-1500 on the one machine I thought we were doing OK.

And as I said before, the reason that we don't just opt for a two server setup right now is that it's only needed for two days a week. It just seems silly to me to have my client paying the extra monthly cost when 75% of the time they don't even need what they have now. It has become a tough balancing act.
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