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Originally Posted by RMS-Chef
wow. Do you display logged in users on FORUMHOME and use full DB read marking with those kind of users without issues? Are the people posting or just browsing? This forum averages around 2,000-3,500 post per day.
Yes to both the first two. The users are posting, but not at the rate you have, about 650-800 per day.

Originally Posted by RMS-Chef
Maybe it's because we are running CPanel? I have been told that we would be better off without CPanel and running lighter apache/SQL applications only and cutting out Cpanel and all the added crap that comes with it. It's just that I don't know enough about the server backend stuff to be without it.
Well we have Plesk, not Cpanel, but I think your OS and apache versions will have more influence. Apparently the linux 2.6 Kernel/Apache 2.0 combination (such as we have) can handle much more than linux 2.4 or Apache 1.3. FYI, we run mysql 4.15 and php 4.4.2.
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