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No, you're correct. We have that page. But you need to specify an email address and complete recaptcha v2.

These users did not request the password reset. So somebody else did.

So that somebody would have to know the email addresses, correct? Maybe a bot guessing email addresses, or using their own list against our website?

Again, I'm more trying to determine that if it was somebody with malicious intent, what could they gain going this route. It only makes sense to me if they have access to the email account in question, and then even in that scenario, they'd have to figure out admin account email addresses. Again, if they're after access.

There's also the possibility that this was a DOS attack, or attack on VB's mail queue. Our mail queue, around the same time these support requests came in, swelled to 7000 msgs, which the mail queue process scheduled task couldn't keep up with based on our settings.

Or maybe this was just a site scraper.
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