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Weird IP behavior for the last few weeks.

So I keep getting DB errors and it looks like someone is trying to hack the site.

Of the last 100 or so most recent registrations, all have IP addresses look almost exactly the same. They start with 10.30.94 And all the DB errors are coming from 2 IP's. Also, this IP range seems to be private so I cant get a fix on where it's coming from. Maybe everyone is using VPNs???

So, of course, I block the IP and did a wildcard on the end but then I myself the admin got locked out of the site. Not the backend but I definitely got locked out of the front end. My IP is nothing like this so now I'm curious. Maybe it's some kind of glitch in the system that keeps recording the same or almost the same IP when someone new registers.

Now to be clear a few of these members with the same exact IP actually posted legit messages but I have like 100 members with the same IP. ???

It looks very fishy to me but I figured I would run it by you guys here before I start deleting accounts.

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