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Originally Posted by Dr.CustUmz View Post
veering off topic, lets do that since this post needs closed lol. I will always stick up for vb3 because its my baby lol. Half the mods have security flaws? unusable? deprecated?

There is NO reason vb3 can not be coded to todays standards, MOST mods that are deprecated are seriously just changing one character in the product file or PHP files. Yes the whole table every single bit in vb3 is just stupid (even back then they could have easily used divs), but with a little creativity you can get passed that.

I tend to find myself still using mods from 3.5, and even occasionally 3.0!

Yes SOME mods are completely F***ed due to php deprecations, but most of them are seriously easy as hell fixes IE removing &'s (wont go into detail on all that stuff though)

I GUARENTEE my 3x board is more "UP TO DATE" than any single vb4 / 5 vanilla board. If a dev has not been on here for years (which is almost everyone now days because everyone went to xF) It's up to other devs to continue their work. If an author has a problem with it at that point then they can do something. It's like with vB announcing EOL on vb3 (and I believe 4) it is now up to developers to keep it "Up to date" because the original developer is no longer supporting their product, for example I COULD begin to release updated versions of that product. vb3 was last updated to 3.8.11 where as my vb is more like 3.8.16. remove old shit here, add new shit there, etc.

I digress, my point is vb3 is 100% perfectly capible of staying with the standards of today, and if more people didnt give into the hype of bloat added to vb4, we wouldn't be stuck with the garbage vb5 (although it has improved some)

vB3 <3 Always
It's not legal to alter another developer's code unless they have given permission.

vBulletin would never go along with a public release of an altered version of software they have long since declared End Of Life.

Yes, you can make anything work if you have unlimited time and extensive knowledge of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) or their equivalents.

But this is specifically talking about the modifications as they exist for download.

If you were to pick any five 3.x modifications at random and install them the odds are high at least one of them would cause your site to stop functioning. Or open up a security vector.
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