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I feel ya on this one my first forum just turned one and and although its kicking some serious butt right now i have to spend almost 12 hrs a day on it and ive noticed when im not there activity and participation go way down. ive got about 1500 hundred members myself and i always give each and every member what ever they want. Advertising is not my forte and hate every second of that part of the big picture.

Eventually there will be a point when i let the project go to the moderators and take a step back. but i do not see that day coming anytime in the near future. Just remember to think outside the box. vB is about as flexable as forum software gets. theres not much you cant do to it. Ive even went so far as to offer my Platinum supporters there own forum to manage and moderate. and email

An arcade with only bowling games sounds like a great addition. for your board. Although ive noticed just about every big board ive stumbled across is pretty stock with very few hacks. they seem to focus more on style. (IMO)

I give my members everything they ask for. but also remove anything they ask for and dont utilize.
Remind your members that your forum is there forum.

Consider doing something like i did and let your members advertise for you. I'm not talking just word of mouth either. a referral contest will work wonders.

Also provide incentives to your members with sites of there own to do a reciprocal link exchange.

If your members enjoy the environment you provide Ive noticed members are more then eager to help out and or just score brownie points either way your getting members.

Seek sponsors to provide prizes for contests. that is always a draw.

Remember an active small forum will gain more relevance in search engine placement. then 10.000 members that just read. get them to post more. Quality original content is priority number one. save your money and time on advertising (for now) and focus on getting your members to post new threads.

Its amazing what one good thread and keyword can do to your presance on google.

Good Luck.
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