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Originally Posted by Floris

Does a 100,000+ post forum qualify? Or does it have to be a million+
Hi guys guess you'll be seeing more of me here for now at least

It's not just size in terms of number of posts, but activity level as well particularly the concurrency level of the forums. i.e. 10,000,000 post forum with only 5 members activity using the forums and searching would have no issues compared to 1,000,000 post forum with 2,500 users trying to view and reply to the same thread at the very same time or 2,500 users trying to search the forums at the very same time - it's all about concurrency for me

vB users online is hard to guage due to cookie timeout out and can only be used as guide in combination with web stats of unique visitor counts as well as the number of mysql concurrent connections to the mysql server.

Personally i'd consider

- a medium large forum as any forum which has 500+ vB users online over default cookie timeout and at least 300-400 mysql concurrent connections (this is usually the threshold where most vB forums are forced to split to more than one dedicated server)
- a large forum as 800+ vB users online over default cookie timeout and at least 400-600 mysql concurrent connections
- a very large forum as 1,000+ vB users online over default cookie timeout and greater than 600+ mysql concurrent connections

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