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Originally Posted by davidf View Post
Iggy - when you went from 3 - 4 what did you do about using the vb3 template in PhotoPost 4 - my 3.7 template won't work in 4.2.5 and so my photopost is a raw skin. Trying to make it work but the documentation is so hard to find. Any help is much appreciated .
still having trouble? just saw this....i will have to check some settings again to see exactly what we are talking about here, but offhand i can at least tell you that yes, the style from 3.7 likely wont work...same as it wont for vb4....

i know that we got it to properly utilize the custom vb4 style we made however...i dont recall might have taken a little tinkering, but nothing so bad...

am i right in what i think you are saying at least? sounds like u wanna use the old style "post upgrade"...i believe photopost references the style info from vb and being that vb4 will not allow a vb3 style u may not have a choice...
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