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Originally Posted by In Omnibus View Post
There's no easy way to do this with Hanafi's themes because he uses three or four different header columns in his themes and they are probably flex boxes. You need the exact code to know what has to be done to it. Ideally he would be the person to ask. Is he unavailable? Or does he not want to do the work for nothing? That seems more likely the case. We're really not supposed to publicly redistribute edited copies of his work. That makes it impossible for me to edit the theme and post it or upload it here.

I realy don't know if he is available. This theme was free for download and discontinued for vb4 on sultantheme a while ago. So i guess there is no problem with rights or somthing like that.

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Originally Posted by snakes1100 View Post
You will need to do something like this with different size images & call them based on media size.

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I am going to look if i can do something with this.

Thank you
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