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Well, I did it! HTTP-Authenticated RSS feed. It works just great with FeedDemon and any other aggregator that supports this RSS feature (I had to dig to find out it has come into use in the last couple of years).

The new feed generator page (external2.php) always requires HTTP username and password authentication. In the aggregator, you do this once each time you start it (same as a browser). The username and password is the same as the one you use to log into VB. And it took just a handful of lines in external.php. The U/P is passed to validate_authentication(), the user's forumperms rebuilt and boingo!, the rest of it just works. I'm a total PHP newbie so this was a great learner for me.

Not ready for release... I want to make this a plugin for the regular external.php, where you can specify something like auth=1 in the query string to get the authenticated feed. without it you would get the current unregistered-user feed. Now I gotta learn to make a plugin! This was fun.
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