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To elaborate a bit more, here are a some features I'd like added to this invites system:
  • The ability for the user to attach a note to the invitation. This will allow them to write whatever they want, and will NOT affect what the admin has used for the main e-mail body.
  • The ability to add multiple invites at once. How many should be determined by the admin.
  • As mentioned before...E-MAIL GRABBERS. Great addition to an invites system.
  • If a user sends an invite and the person accepts, those two should automatically become buddies. (Feature should be able to turn on/off by admin)
  • Admin selected expiration for invites.
  • Automatic invite reminders sent to those who have not signed up yet. (How long before they are sent should be controlled by Admin.)
  • The ability to add reputation points automatically to those who successfully get someone to sign on.

I apologize if these are already added. There has been already many good changes done to this invites system.
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