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Originally Posted by updated View Post
I couldn't get this to work on an SSL/https vb system. The initial install and games worked, but the license didn't validate. Then I made an exception for the arcade.php to run http. This validated the license and allowed additional games to install part of the way. But they didn't work and the images didn't get copied in. Would be nice to have an option to install on https. It is difficult to try to split functions on a board between http and https.
I suspect that the install script code never took into account SSL. I'll put it on our To Do list to check out.

Originally Posted by Gamelobby View Post
Anyone have any idea why it didn't work, or maybe what this error is telling me.?
(I'm using 3.8.3)
Are you 100% positiive that you upload all of the files to the right folder, have plugins enabled, and imported the product XML?

Originally Posted by yeshoward View Post
[bug report]

I went to your site and try play a game

on screen of game, I clicked "previous page" on IE browser, it showed some errors..

if you could, please kindly help fix

you could simply re-produce same errors on yor site

When playing a game in the current version of v3A the page is purposely set to not allow it to be cached. If you hit the 'back' button, instead one of the links to play the game again, it is trying to use the locally cached copy from your browser which won't be found. I'll put it on the To Do list to put some code in a future version to capture the back button to either divert it or display a message.

Originally Posted by DarkArmada View Post
Forget it - I figured it out.

Originally Posted by BGObsession View Post
Quick question....on the award image showing in the member's post-bit....I'd like to have the trophy or crown show up underneath the avatar image versus above it as it does currently.

Can you give me instructions on which template I need to edit and how to do that?
It is using a template hook in your "postbit" template (or "postbit_legacy" if you the option turned on in your ACP). There is a plugin running that inserts the awards at the "postbit_userinfo_left" location in that template. Depending upon which template you're using, you'll want to either move "$template_hook[postbit_userinfo_left]" (without the quotes) to the spot where you want to the awards to appear or, if you're familiar with plugins & hooks, modify the plugin "Awards Plugin Postbit" at the very bottom to use a different hook name.
Originally Posted by BGObsession View Post
Loving this mod!
Stay tuned for 2.0.0 coming this Summer.
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